Blossom from the Heart

A 6-week writing and experiential course to bring your true voice from the seed of your heart to full bloom in the world. Runs March 19th, 2012 to April 30th, 2012. Registration now open!

As the days get longer, I find myself gently stretching into new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of thinking and existing in the world. The hard shell of Winter cracks and falls away, leaving the sprouted stalk of my heart fully soaked in the compost of my life, watered by tears and the sweat of hard work. It is in this Springtime work, of sprouting and pushing through dirt to the surface, that I really move toward blossoming from my own heart center to speak from the voice of my own true understanding. Through weekly projects, writing exercises, and interactive sharing we will journey together from the Spring Equinox through the process of sprouting and growing from the seed of our inner truth to blossoming with full authentic voices into the world of storytelling and truth-sharing.

This workshop is for creatives of all colors: writers, poets, musicians, photographers, visual artists, and crafty-folk, as well as anyone who thinks they are not very creative: I am certain that you are! Each of us is blessed with a voice of experience and understanding which is unique and individual. On this journey together, we will share the discovery of that voice and nurture ourselves and each other toward sharing it with the world!

Registration opens March 7th and continues through three days into the workshop (3/22/2012). Need-based sliding scale of $99 to $119 {payment options available, please contact me}. Interested in registering a spot for you and a friend! Just update the price in your cart to $150 and I’ll contact you for the information of the second participant! Register here!

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Maree March 5, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Hi there. I’m in the southern hemisphere where we’re moving into Autumn/Fall. How spring-y is the course? Will it still be relevant for me? Thanks. :)


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